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Estate Planning

By planning your estate, you allow for the orderly transfer of your assets to your selected heirs, the appointment of fi...

Estate & Trust Administration

When a person passes away, it may be necessary to commence an estate proceeding in the Surrogate’s Court. An estate admi...

Estate & Trust Challenges

Have you been disinherited by your parent under a new will being offered by a sibling for probate? Would you be in line ...


Are you getting crushed by debt? Are you only making minimum payments and still falling behind? Is your income falling s...


About Bruce A. Rothenberg, Esq. & The Rothenberg Law Offices, PLLC

Mr. Rothenberg has been practicing law on Long Island since 1991. He has been practicing through the Rothenberg Law Offices, PLLC since 2003, when it became more advantageous to use a Limited Liability Company as a business entity. During nearly thirty years of practice on Long Island, Mr. Rothenberg has focused on three principal areas of practice: Estate Planning and Administration; Bankruptcy; and Real Estate Transactions. Within these areas, Mr. Rothenberg has experience with corporate and commercial transactions, commercial and residential leasing and taxation issues.

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